SCAFFOLDING. Include bases being adjustable by height for mounting on an uneven surface with a possibility of adjusting the height within 0.2 m for each of the bases. Full set of wooden platforms provide working directly on the entire area of ​​the facades.





TOP FRAMEWORK, dismountable. Designed for forming horizontal ceilings with the thickness up to 450 mm. Attachments provide high labour performance without affecting the high quality of the surface.





CURB MACHINE - BUCh.00.00.000SB. High-grade cements, mortar sand, stone screening dust and special polymer additives are used in curbing







Various CONCRETE MIXERS are designed for the preparation of high-flow concrete mixes and mortars.







TECHNICAL LINE FOR THE PAVING SLAB includes the concrete mixer, skip hoist, receiving hopper, dosing unit, vibrating press and the oil station.








COMPRESSING UNITS (AIR BLOWERS) are designed for compressing and delivery of the air and non-aggressive gases.