The range of major products  manufactured by Lismash LLC:

BELT MINE CONVEYORS with the belt width of 800 and 1,000 mm including telescopic development conveyors, telescopic conveyors adjacent to the production faces, trunk sectional conveyors with the power range between 75 kW and 330 kW and length between 500 m and 1,500 m. The peculiarity of all the conveyors is the external drum installed on the separate offloading section that allows locating the drive unit without any modifications at any distance from the offloading area for the handled material.





CHAIN CONVEYORS - SP202. Power capacity of the drives – 55 kW, 2х55 kW, 3х55 kW, 4х55 kW. Designed for coal and oil shale handling through the roadways, cross cuts, entries and other workings and mine surface.






SUBMERGED CHAIN CONVEYORS are designed for the enclosed handling of dusty, powder-like, granular and acinose (up to 15 mm max) bulk materials with the temperature of 200˚С and the temperature range between 200 and 450˚С (provided by the conveyor cooling).






MINE CARS FOR MATERIALS, model VG with the capacity of 1.0; 1.1; 1.3; 1.4; 1.6; 2.4; 3.3 tonnes and model UVG with the capacity of  0.8; 1.0; 1.2; 1.3; 1.4; 1.6 tonnes.






SCREENS GIL, GIT, GISL, GIST, GVCh. Designed for size classification of the granular material with the bulk weight not more than 1.4 t/m3 – 2.8 t/m3 (depending on a model).







CENTRIFUGES – filtrating, decanting (sedimentation), vibrating and inertial. Designed for continuous separation of liquid non-homogenous suspensions containing solid phase the density of which is higher than the liquid phase density.




FEEDERS – reciprocating (shaking), vibrating, scraper. Designed for steady handling of non-sticky bulk materials with the grain size not more than half of the feeder plate from the hoppers, bins or other tanks into the process equipment or transporters.






ELEVATORS – EO6, EO10, EO12, TsG-200, TsG-400, TsG-650. Designed for handling in a vertical direction of granular, non-abrasive materials and small pieces from starting point to the final one without intermediate loading and offloading.









HAMMER CRUSHERS – DM, DRM, DMPP. Widely used in metallurgical, mining, chemical, cement, coal, construction, refractory and other industries and mining companies. This hammer crusher is designed for medium and coarse crushing.






ROLL CRUSHERS – DV, DDZ. Designed for medium and coarse crushing of materials with high and average resisting power as well as for the size-reduction of plastic and fragile materials.







JAW CRUSHERS – DShS, DShP, SMD. Ideal for crushing of stone, aggregate and ore materials in mining and construction industries for producing sand and gravel, processing of the construction waste.








HAMMER MILLS – MMT, MMA. Designed for coal and construction materials milling.







SAMPLE DIVIDERS – MPL-150, MPL-300, PA-10. Designed for laboratory subsampling and breakage of hard coal and brown lignite coal, anthracite, oil shale and washed products.










SCAFFOLDING. Include bases being adjustable by height for mounting on an uneven surface with a possibility of adjusting the height within 0.2 m for each of the bases. Full set of wooden platforms provide working directly on the entire area of ​​the facades.





TOP FRAMEWORK, dismountable. Designed for forming horizontal ceilings with the thickness up to 450 mm. Attachments provide high labour performance without affecting the high quality of the surface.





CURB MACHINE - BUCh.00.00.000SB. High-grade cements, mortar sand, stone screening dust and special polymer additives are used in curbing






Various CONCRETE MIXERS are designed for the preparation of high-flow concrete mixes and mortars.







METAL STRUCTURES either standard or developed by the design office of LISMASH LLC, including complex trusses, columns, beams, ties and wide-flange I-beams.





TECHNICAL LINE FOR THE PAVING SLAB includes the concrete mixer, skip hoist, receiving hopper, dosing unit, vibrating press and the oil station.







COMPRESSING UNITS (AIR BLOWERS) are designed for compressing and delivery of the air and non-aggressive gases.







BAR CUTTERS (SMZh MACHINES) are designed for bar and flat steel cutting at the enterprises that produce reinforced concrete structures and on the construction sites.







SILOS are designed for the long-term reliable preservation of the goods and products.










VARIOUS METAL TANKS. The dimensions of tanks to be manufactured may be up to 10 m in diameter, up to 10 m by height and the wall thickness may vary within 20 mm.









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