About us

Lisichansk Plant “Strommashina” on the territory of which in 2003 LISMASH LLC was established, was initially founded in 1952. Originally it was the foundry which was located on that territory and mostly produced the balls for mills. Also there was a machine shop with turning and milling processing of the parts and a small area with metal assembly shop, which was then reconstructed into a warehouse. In 1966 the metal structures shop (MSS) was established which is nowadays the main production building of LISMASH LLC, and in 1973 the machine assembly shop (MAS) was put into operation. These large production units with about 150 people employed in MSS and 220 people employed in MAS manufactured machinery for the production of reinforced concrete structures, while these structures were used for panel construction.

The following is among them: SMZh-340 (machines for plumbing equipment production), SMZh-419 (machines for production of the large diameter concrete pipes, machines for washing and treatment of the external surfaces of concrete slabs, machines for metal bars hardening in reinforced concrete slabs) and handling machines (elevators TsG -200, TsG -400, TsG -650, conveyors used in construction). In addition to this, the agricultural machines were also produced (feed mixers, machines for automatic input of grass meal, various crushers, feed cutters etc.). By the mid-80s the plant had a total of about 11 structural units with about 1,260 employees. Monthly production volume in monetary terms reached 1.1 million rubles. After the USSR collapse Ukraine as well as other CIS countries, virtually withdrew from a major building construction, the old contacts in production were lost and the All-Union subordination was liquidated resulting to the event that Strommashina Plant was not more in demand so it was seeking for the opportunities to restore the productive capacity.

In 1996 Strommashina OJSC was established at the premises of Strommashina Plant and this new formation began to lease out the production sites which itself it could not provide with the orders, raw and supply materials. So the electrode section was leased out and then the main shops were split into three subsidiaries: 1. Strommashina Plant 1 SE with the MSS and the tool house as well as the key production facilities. 2. Strommashina Plant 2 SE with the foundry site, a small assembly section and a consumer goods section. 3 Strommarket SE was responsible for the supply and sales of the products of the above SE’s and the logistics. SE’s were mostly engaged in non-repeat single orders related to the production of metal structures and casting (elevators, oil presses, metal kiosks). In 2000 Strommashina 1 SE was specialised in production of solid fuel boilers for individual heating of the residential buildings, greenhouses and small industrial buildings.

However, in those days it was hard to find the mass-market customer and the production itself was associated with the application of the materials rapidly increasing in prices. Strommashina OJSC entered into agreements with the subsidiaries for repair & maintenance of equipment and utilities, development of technical documents for the products manufactured by the subsidiaries. But there was still a lack of funds to satisfy all liabilities in full.

So in late 2002 the Board of Shareholders resolved to sell shares in private hands that resulted to the case that at the premises of Strommashina OJSC a new companyLISMASH LLC was organised.